West Jefferson Dental Center

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what sets us apart

What Sets Us Apart

Close to the Community

Dr. Bear grew up in the community he now serves. He loves New Orleans and the opportunity to help its people on a daily basis. He and his staff treat each patient like a true neighbor, whether that means making the dental care experience as comfortable as possible or just having a chat about yesterday's Saints game. Dr. Bear was also one of the first dental care professionals to return to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. He and his team are dedicated to this city and the health of everyone here.

More Services

Many general dental practices limit themselves to simple, routine treatments such as cleanings, fillings, and teeth whitening. West Jefferson Dental Center offers many advanced specialties. Patients come to see us for extractions, dental implants, endodontic therapy, and corrective treatment with Invisalign®. We pride ourselves in providing more services under one roof for the convenience of our patients.

Trusted Referral Network

For those complex dental and orthodontic care needs that West Jefferson Dental Center is not fully equipped to address, Dr. Bear is happy to open his extensive network of health care professionals to all patients. Dr. Bear's history in our community has kept him in contact with some of the best dentists, orthodontists, and doctors in the area.

Convenient Hours

We understand that some patients have schedule limitations, so we have special days reserved for appointments in the early morning, in the evening, and on Saturday to accommodate even the most busy calendar. We also maintain a 24-hour emergency line for patients who have an immediate need for dental care.